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Seeking new challenges by enhancing
the depth and breadth of diverse business domains

Through its business activities in the fields of transit advertising, IT, art, and food information, NKB contributes to the development of Japan’s transportation culture. As we enhance the depth and breadth of these activities, we create a variety of new related businesses. The integration of such diverse business fields enables us to think and act from an overarching perspective, and this provides the driving force to NKB—a leader in the transportation, culture, and information industries.

  • Transit and OOH

    Transporting more than 45 million people a day, the Tokyo area’s rail network boasts a massive scale and operational precision unmatched anywhere else in the world. This makes transit advertising a highly cost-effective medium capable of reaching a target audience comparable to other mass media and harnessing area marketing characteristics to target audiences with precision. NKB’s transit and out-of-home (OOH) advertising business extends beyond the Tokyo metropolitan area to cover the whole of Japan. We are also happy to discuss overseas projects.

  • Food Information

    In 1996 we set up the restaurant search site Gurunavi, which has become an independent company. Making the most of Gurunavi as our most important business partner, which gathers information on foodstuffs, cuisines, restaurants, customers, and eating out, we offer an array of food-related services and develop food-related content.

  • Promotion Planning

  • Space Planning:

  • Public Art

    Since station concourse walls and building entrances present a face to the community that shares such public spaces, they need to elicit sensation and excitement from visitors. NKB beautifies the urban environment by creating characteristic landmarks in stations and other community spaces where many people gather.

  • Web business

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